Tribe Time Citizens

The aim of Tribe Time Citizens is to embed skills that will support the development and awareness of being a citizen in our society. Each Friday afternoon the children visit their different tribes led by all staff.

Independent Citizens: 

We will be looking at developing life skills to enable us to become independent individuals; this will include raising financial awareness by allowing children to be in charge of a budget to develop an enterprise initiative in the hope of making a profit to donate to our chosen charity.

Creative Citizens: 

We will be looking at developing a more in-depth awareness of musical and artistic creativity, exploring different musicians and artist and the influence they have on today.

Responsible Citizens: 

We will be developing an understanding of how we can care for our environment and the wildlife in our surrounding area, as well as looking at how we can grow our own fruit and vegetables.

Healthy Citizens: 

We will be looking at choices that we make to keep our body and mind healthy. What type of exercise we enjoy and how that effects our bodies, how to ensure our bodies have a balanced diet and the importance of sleep and relaxing our minds. 

Supportive Citizens:

We will be looking to make links with the local community, our hope is to visit local establishments and work with them to have an impact on our village and develop a sense of belonging and pride when thinking of our place in our locality. We will then look to see how we make links to the wider society.

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