Religious Education

Our exploration of Religious Education is delivered in line with the Diocese of Sheffield. We have worked closely with the diocese to explore the Christianity Project in discreet RE sessions, however our Christian distinctiveness is woven through all encounters within our school community.

The Diocese of Sheffield

The Diocese has five areas of mission in relation to schools:

  • Cultivation of Christian distinctiveness in the ethos and practice of our schools
  • Securing of excellence for all children, with schools meeting and, in time, exceeding, core expectations
  • Strong leadership and capacity to improve within our service
  • Networking leading to excellence through the sharing of school-to-school development across the diocese
  • Offer of service beyond the diocese through schools affiliating and drawing upon our provision, in the wider community

This translates into four expectations in all schools:

  • distinctively Christian ethos
  • attaining floor targets in all three measures
  • good or outstanding teaching
  • leadership, with vision, that delivers.

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