Physical Education

PE is an opportunity for us to develop our physical fitness and raise our awareness of how to keep a healthy body. The children have two PE sessions each week, one delivered by the class teacher and the second delivered by our dance or sports teacher. 

We look for opportunities that closely link to our projects through dance, which also forms part of our performance during church services and celebrations, such as Harvest, Easter and Christmas. In the summer term our dance is focused on our end of year whole school performance. 

We are part of a cluster of schools that provides opportunities for our children to take part in competitive inter - school competitions, such as athletics, gymnastics and football. 

The children in Year 5 have water sport sessions for their PE in the first term, where they experience canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding. This is a great way to further develop their learning behaviours linking to our 6Rs and open up the possibility of new hobbies by joining the local junior water sports club 

Our year 3 children attend authority swimming lessons and strive to swim at least 25 meters by the time they leave us. 

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